• 12-03-09 How to receive the random quest? When to be refreshed? What if the quest is not accomplished?

    Player can retrieve the random quest in the Tavern of the city. The system generates 10 quests each day 5 AM, and 1 quest every 2 hours. It will be automatically updated if your quest place is available. If the Tavern is already filled with 10 quests, no action will be taken. Any quest updated must be done within that day, otherwise the system will delete it when the quest expires. Each player can receive 10 quests at max. It will be displayed in Quest channel.

  • 12-03-09 When I login, why does it prompt that I can't login two accounts at the same time?

    This is to prevent one player to operate several accounts at the same time. If you are not in this case, you can click "Tool" —"Internet options" — "Delete cookies", and login the game again.  

  • 12-03-09 Why can't I chat?

    You can update the DNS. Click "start" —"run" —input "cmd" and click "yes" to enter the command prompt. Input ipconfig /flushdns in the command prompt to update the DNS automatically. Close the browser when it is finished and login again. If you still can’t chat, maybe it is because the administrator opens the chatting shield, you can consult him.

  • 12-03-09 Why does the page freeze when I am loading the game?

    You can click “Tool” —“Internet options” —“Internet Temporary Files” in your browser, choose “Delete cookies” and “delete”, and then click “yes”. Close the browser and open it again to enter the game home page to load it.

  • 12-03-09 What's the requirement to use hero's soul?

    You can only use it to the heroes who are in idle state.

  • 12-03-09 How to get hero's soul? What’s its function?

    There are three ways. The first way is to get it in the arena. If you beat the hero in the arena, you can get "xx's soul" or "xx's soul piece". If you complete the Epic Quest, you can also get the hero's soul. The second way is combating. You can get the hero's soul by depredating the cities where the hero is in, including the hero's buildings and the player's cities. The third way is that you need to get the hero's picture and use soul incense to get soul piece. If you are lucky, you can get the soul directly. Use hero's soul on the hero can make him possessed for a while. The hero's soul has five star levels. The higher star level it is, the higher additional property value it has.

  • 12-03-09 How does hero's likability increase or decrease?

    you can set the hero's role as castellan, counselor or skipper. The likability degree will have a little rise in every 24 hours. You can also increase it by completing the quest the hero gives to you. If you fail to complete it in one week, the likability degree of the hero will decrease.  

  • 12-03-09 What are the requirements to recruit the hero who has a host?

    Your likability degree with the hero is 100. The hero’s likability degree with former host is less than 80. The likability degree of target hero’s host is less than the recruited player’s. Each player has only one chance to recruit the hero who has a host each day. When you fulfill the requirements, you can use “canvass” stratagem item and you will get the chance to recruit hero.

  • 12-03-09 What are the requirements to associate with the hero?

    1. Your title of nobility should be senior official or beyond it. You can’t associate with the hero you have owned. 2. It needs some gold. The gold needed is as the same as the gold needed in recruiting hero.

  • 12-03-09 What is the restriction and condition for equipment insertion?

    Equipment insertion depends on its level and its quality. Level determines the level of the bead can be inserted and equipment quality determines the number of the insertion holes.

  • 12-03-09 Will I lose the equipment when its durability reaches 0?

    In this case you can’t use it any more, but you can keep it or repair it. Then you may restore it to the normal status.

  • 12-03-09 What is the condition to occupy county, shire and province?

    To occupy a county is the same to the original demand; To occupy a shire, player or union should occupy one third of the county within the county; To occupy a province, player or union should occupy one third of shire within the shire.

  • 12-03-09 I win the battle, but why I don't have any captive?

    You can get the captives by random, and this is related to the troop's loss and troop's genre of both sides.

  • 12-03-09 Why my hero can't join the war once he loses the battle?

    Your defeated hero will be injured when his HP reaches 0, then he can not start another battle. You may check his status in Hero Lounge.  

  • 12-03-09 What to do if my hero falls into serious injured status when his HP reaches 0?

    Your hero with such status should rest in Hero lounge for some time; you may also use the medicine to cure him.

  • 12-03-09 How to protect my resource from being marauded?

    When this happens, you can transfer your resource to the Market, or transport them to wideness, you can avoid being marauded by doing these. Upgrading your buildings is another way to consume your resources.

  • 12-03-09 Where are my heroes and my troops when I abandon my city?

    When player abandons his city, his resources, his troops and Heroes will be taken back by the system. We suggest you to transfer them to your other cities.

  • 12-03-09 Why do I lose Nobility even I won the battle?

    Due to your troop loss in the battle, you will suffer Nobility decreasing. The higher level your lost troop is, the more Nobility you will lose. We don’t suggest you to fight for upgrade while losing many troops in the battle, which will lead to the Nobility loss.

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