Recent News

    • 04-14-14 Patch 1.20/Easter Event has been released !

      duration: 23:00 04/13/2014 - 00:00 04/28/2014


      - new refining/power-up system: using essence to refine own power-up items

      - numerous power-up symbol to increase hero attributs

      - specify items can be decomposed into essences

      - opening of tier3 and tier4 sets

      - new foods: mystical egg soup

      - new limited item: endless symbol bag

      - free event start box in item mall

      - event gift basket contains event items

      - gathering mystical egg in wilderness(all types, level>=5, rate: 20%)

      - event exchange tasks

    • 03-14-14 Patch 1.18/1.11 will be released on 03.17

      release on 2014.03.17 20:00

      - Auto-detect/recover stuck city/troops.

      - Opening of city Chang Ai.(only server9,10)

    • 03-14-14 Server europe1 will be integrated into server inter4

      Dear player,
      In order to improve the performance of other more active servers, from 2014.5.1 on, server europe1 will be closed. Player of server europe1 could ask for transferring account from europe1 to inter4(only) before 2014.04.30, for such request please send email to

    • 02-13-14 Valentine's day event has been released !

      - New power-up item system. Power-up items need to be equipped to hero(like normal armor, head slot), increasing basic attributes(without armor addon).

      - New item: Hero Report for listing hero status regarding power-up items.

      - Event items for gathering(green heart, blue heart, red heart, all kinds of wilderness with level >=5)

      - Exchange tasks for event gift box.

      - Free event start box in item mall.

      - Event gift box is also available in item mall.

    • 12-27-13 New Server 11 will be available on 01.01.2014 18:00 (kingory time)

      Dear player,

      New server inter 11 will be available on 01.01.2014 18:00 (kingory time):
      - PvP server(similar to inter9)
      - Rebalancing armor/weapon/pet stats.
      - Reducing items required for arena armor sets.
      - Integrating pet system.
      - Integrating fengshui/gathering system.
      - Integrating vip system.
      - Integrating daily ticket/exchange system.
      - New system features against cheating/sitting.
      - New limited item system.
      - Free start packs in item mall.

      Thank you for attention!

      Team Kingory

    • 09-22-13 Server inter10 maintenance for upgrading of security system.

      Dear Player,

      Due to maintenance for upgrading of security system, server inter10 will be temporarily between 09.23 11:00 - 09.23 20:00 (kingory time) unavailable.
      We are sorry about interruption.

      Kingory Support Team

    • 09-18-13 Mid-autumn event has been released !

      - free mid-autumn start box in item mall.

      - new rabbit pet(grass,fruit,mystery), new foods mooncake(class mystery!!) and elixier of dreaming(class all), all of them are available in item mall.

      - recipe of making mooncake(from start box), materials can be found in mid-autumn gift box.

      - mid-autumn gift box for daily ticket(in exchange task group) and wildness gathering(uplands, >=lvl5), this gift boxes contain(randomly) new foods, mooncake materials, rabbit and/or special stuff.

    • 07-01-13 NEW Server 9 and 10 are available !!!

      Open date: 07-10-2013 14:00(kingory time)

      - Both PvP(inter9) and PvE(inter10) servers, PvE means no war between players.
      - Separate battle(arena) armor sets and regular armor sets.
      - Most of items can be found in gathering of wildness(under new FengShui system).
      - New rewards for new VIP system. VIPs can be transferred from old servers.
      - Integrating daily gift system with in-game bulletin, different kinds of rewards are possible.
      - Fixing some bugs of old servers.
      - New detailed game data web-portal.
      - Openning event with special rewards.

      In later patches will come:
      - Improved pet system.
      - Improved contest system.
      - New armor/weapon reforge system.
      - New runeword system.
      - and various festival events.

    • 06-03-13 Kingory Inter 8 patch 2.17 is coming !

      Kingory Inter 8 patch 2.17 detail:

      release on: 23:00 06.03 2013

      - Some changes in contest system.

      - New vip level 8.

    • 04-26-13 Kingory Inter 8 patch 2.16 is coming !

      release on: 23:00 04.29 2013

      - New league system.

      - Upgrade patterns of armor set Grand General [1]. Patterns are contained in pattern bundle #21-28 and available via task group merchant Su Shuang

    • 04-19-13 Kingory Inter 8 patch 2.15 is coming !

      release on: 23:00 04.23 2013

      - New contest system, read the guide.

      - Daily ticket is available in item mall(arena tab)

      - A test contest for everyone to get familiar with new contest system (23:00 04.23 - 00:00 04.26).

      - 1st contest for league season 1 (23:00 04.27 - 00:00 05.03).

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